Mortal Kombat series of games is known unless all. There is a player, and that at least does not have heard about this game, and most certainly had a chance to try any of the parts of Mortal Kombat on your pc or console. And there is no doubt that Mortal Kombat is simply fighting game classics. You also have to admit that more parts are more interesting and their creators make every effort to be more brutal fights and give even more possibilities. In this respect, Mortal Kombat X Download does not differ from their predecessors. Here we are dealing with characters already known, but there are also new warriors. Moreover, the novelty is that each character is available three variants. In any use other types of weapons. It makes the game even more attractive. Mortal Kombat X Download will also get to know the new fatalities, which is spectacular endings individual duels, and to get to know the next scene of fighting. This time also in the scenery, you can look for items that form of use during fights.


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